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Entry #2

Kinda poll:

2010-06-18 06:46:57 by tmo97

Which game is better: Warhammer or World of Warcraft?
Assassins Creed 1 or 2?
Powder Game or Powder Toy?

EDIT: If I'm playing a flash/java game, I can't use ARROW UP or ARROW LEFT. Please help me.
EDIT²: Nevermind, I bought a new keyboard, and it worked perfectly fine. Just my stupid keyboard, which has some broken lines.


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2010-06-18 06:48:38

omg i didn't play any of these games. should I just go die?

tmo97 responds:

Uhm. Depends. Which way are you going to die?


2010-06-18 07:15:14

to the left?


2010-07-06 07:28:03

L4D ownnnss you needs to get that game.